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What is Echocloud?

Echocloud is a multimedia and marketing company that specializes in film, music and design. No matter who you are or where you're from, Echocloud can help expand your brand or establish one in a way that no other marketing or multimedia company can.

What does the name Echocloud mean?

The name Echocloud is a combination of two words: "echo" and "cloud". Since Echocloud creates content that is both visual and audible, the name was chosen by combining these two mediums. An echo is audible, but cannot be seen and a cloud is visual, but cannot be noticeably heard.

What are the benefits?

When you utilize Echocloud, you acquire the ultimate extension of your marketing team that ensures the application of your brand will be consistent through all forms of media. When hiring multiple contractors, the quality of work will differ and the application of your brand can become inconsistent. At Echocloud, the results are more cost and time efficient, because all that confusion is eliminated by having everything at your disposal through one company.

How do you specialize in so much?

Over the years Echocloud has formed a collective of creative individuals all from different kinds of backgrounds to help serve your needs best. The collective expands across Echocloud's film studio, music studio, and design studio thus creating the ultimate extension of your marketing and multimedia team.

How did it start?

Before Echocloud started, the collective worked freelance and found that a lot of clients were frustrated by having to hire multiple contractors to help them expand their brand. They wanted one place they could go to for all their marketing and multimedia needs. In 2011 after many years of experience, the doors opened to Echocloud; a multimedia and marketing company that eliminates the need to hire multiple contractors.

Where are you located?

Currently Echocloud's head office is located in Vancouver, Canada with a team also in Ontario. Echocloud has worked with clients from across the world including Scotland, England, United States, Germany, Italy and Australia. It doesn't matter where your located, because Echocloud can accommodate with your needs and schedule.

Do you have packages?

Echocloud provides numerous of different packages that vary depending on the scale and the scope of your project. If you're looking to expand your current brand or establish one, don't hesitate to contact Echocloud about combining services and making things a lot easier for you to handle.

How do I join the collective?

Echocloud is always looking to expand the collective and welcomes all individuals from different kinds of backgrounds. You can e-mail us directly at:

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Wheather you're a company, artist or individual, Echocloud can fulfill all your marketing needs.
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