See It For Yourself | Down The Line

Title Sequence

Down The Line Title Sequence

Using the typography that was created for the brand, Echocloud integrated it into names of the key cast and crew for the title sequence. In the film, there is a row of concrete rooms that keep forming as each day that passes. Each title card in the title sequence represents each of the rooms.


The poster was created using screenshots from the film that were provided by the producers of Down The Line. The poster represents a teaser of the film which intrigues people to know what and where the main character is in.

DVD Cover & Label

Down The Line DVD Cover
Down The Line DVD Label

The DVD label is extension of the poster, which provides more insight in the number of repeating rooms that are featured in the film.

Press Release

Echocloud created Down The Line a press release that the produces would send out to distributors and film festivals. In it included a plot description, key cast and crew memberís biographies, behind the scenes stills and contact information.