Jess Cullen

Jess Cullen Client Demo

Jess Cullen is a folky, roots rock influenced singer/songwriter who grew up in the remote and culturally isolated outback of Australia. She recently finished recording†her first self-titled album that she produced independently. Echocloud collaborated with Jess Cullen to help expand her†marketing through video, brand integration and print.

Jess Cullen had yet to establish a visual identity and the only exposure she received was from live shows. Jess Cullen†came to Echocloud because she saw the benefits of†working with a company that can fulfill all of her marketing and media needs in the form of branding, music videos, EPK, live videos and print design all at once.

The Solution

Echocloud focuses on putting our clients in the best light and wanted to make it appear as if Jess Cullen had her own marketing team and record label backing her. Echocloud created all the tools she would need to establish a visual identity. Because everything was created in-house, Echocloud had an easier workflow and gave a quicker turnaround time.

Echocloudís design studio had met with Jess on multiple occasions to ensure she would receive the right image for her and her music. After the meetings Echocloud created personas to represent Jess Cullenís target market, which Echocloudís design studio would use to create a brand that would suit her best.

Echocloudís film studio was presented the tasked of creating a visual representation her Jess Cullenís music. Echocloud focused on bringing Jessís story to life.



Jess Cullen Logo

Colour Scheme

Jess Cullen Colour Scheme


Jess Cullen Typography

Through research, Echocloud discovered that taking a more personal approach would be the best representation for Jess Cullenís brand. Echocloud picked colors that would support her roots and emotions that she wanted to convey through her music. Her colors weíre kept organic and not too commercial. The main objective with the logo was to showcase her transparency, because she doesnít hold back when sheís on stage performing. Echocloudís design studio discovered what suited Jess Cullen best was a logo that she would hand write and therefore she would have her own personal touch on everything sheís representing with her music.

Album Cover & CD Label

Jess Cullen writes all her own lyrics from past experiences as a way of grieving and debriefing. The best approach to represent this was taking the song lyrics and turning them into a calligram of herself, since she is a reflection of her lyrics. With the CD label Echocloud focused on the ďJĒ, for simplicity and elegance.

Jess Cullen Album Cover
Jess Cullen CD Label

Logo Animation & Name Keys

Jess Cullen Animation Demo

The logo animation was created so that Jess Cullen could create a personal touch on all the videos that she produces.

The name key graphics were used in Jess Cullenís video EPK and live videos as a way of introducing people and song titles.


The poster is an extension of the CD label and was used to promote her CD. Echocloud chose this route so that when people see the poster they can link it to the CD. The poster was also distribute all across Vancouver for Jess Cullenís CD release party.

Jess Cullen Poster

Video EPK

Jess Cullen EPK

Echocloud created a video and print electronic press kit (EPK). With the video EPK, Echocloud showcased where Jess Cullen came from, how she came up with the lyrics, perspectives from other people sheís encountered, highlights and her live shows.

Press Release

The press release has pictures, a biography and told Jessís story. Jess Cullen can send this off to magazines, radios, newspapers and other people in the industry. That way other people can copy the text and do their own write ups about Jess.

Jess Cullen Press Release


Jess Cullen Banner

The banner has Jess Cullenís logo and website on it, which she can use to display at her shows. This gives her a more personal touch and allows people to find her music more easily.

Business Cards

Echocloud used a personal approach with the business card by getting Jess to write her mission statement on the face of the card. The other side has her logo and contact information so she can give out her information at shows and on the street.

Jess Cullen Business Card A
Jess Cullen Business Card B

Social Media Integration

Jess Cullen Twitter

Jess Cullen had very little online presence and Echocloud wanted to make sure that all her social media was cohesive. Echocloud took the foundations of her brand and integrated it into the different media forms.

"Anthill" Music Video

ďAnthill was Jess Cullenís debut music video. Echocloud main focus was to represent the song in the best light. The overall concept of the video was someone caught up in the busy city life with a need to go back to their organic roots. Echocloud got dancers and 30 plus extras to be a part of the production. The dancers required many rehearsals to make sure they were on point, because Echocloud had a short period of time due to the sun rising. The video takes place during the day and night in a span of 4 locations.

Jess Cullen Anthill

"Hello Piano" Music Video

Jess Cullen Hello Piano

ďHello PianoĒ is the second music video for Jess Cullen and plays on Jessís inner conflict of her id and ego. The video plays with the idea of going the church to confess, but always going back when she sins again. It also plays on the idea of the original sin, which some individuals believe we are all born with. The forest shows Jess very raw and vulnerable while the Jess at the church looks hung over and power hungry.

Live Videos

Echocloud filmed live videos for all of Jess Cullenís song on her album in an intimate setting. Echocloud wanted to showcase how raw Jess is when she performs and the beauty of each song. All the videos were enhanced by the name keys that Echocloudís design studio created.

Jess Cullen Live Video

The Payoff

Jess Cullenís Youtube channel has gained over 16,000 views over the short span of 3 months.

"She doesnít take away anything with her when she walks off that stage...Sheís left everything there."

"You are amazing!!! such a powerful and emotional voice!!!"
- TheEmpireLightsMusic

Jess Cullen is in the works of recording new songs and is planning on moving to the East coast.